Food Choices Vertical Diet FT. Stan Efferding Part 2

Food Choices…This or that for Performance & Health | Ft. Stan Efferding | Vertical Diet, PART 2

Food Choices...This Or That For Performance & Health | Ft. Stan Efferding | Vertical Diet , PART 2

This is the 2nd part of my conversation with Stan Efferding in this section we dug a bit deeper into some interesting topics regarding fiber, excessive fat or sugar intake in a surplus, and a part I enjoyed the most: Stan’s confessions of lessons learned from years of experience in nutrition coaching and training ( himself & clients)

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Astrid Naranjo

I am an accredited practicing dietitian

My Key Areas I am passionate about:
  • Weight loss & body re-composition
  • Nutrition Research & nutrition coaching/education
  • Diabetes education & Clinical nutrition
  • Fitness & sports Nutrition
  • Binge eating disorder &Food freedom
  • Women’s health & PCOS

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